Energy Balance

3.1 The energy balance in nutrition
A good diet should provide just about the amount of energy we need to spend. But what if we eat more? And what if we eat less?

3.2 How do we spend our calories?
We look at the components of energy expenditure

3.3 How do we calculate our energy requirements?
How can we measure how many calories we spend to perform all our different activities? And can we calculate how many calories we need?

3.4 Optimal body weight and body fat distribution
How can we determine if our body weight and body fat distribution are healthy? And what is our optimal body weight?

3.5 Why do people become obese?
Many genetic, metabolic, environmental and psychosocial factors affect our tendency to gain fat and weight, together with our level of physical activity and voluntary eating habits

3.6 How to recognize a safe and effective weight loss diet
We cannot judge a weight loss diet only by how much and how fast it makes us lose weight. There are other key parameters to keep in mind to make sure it's safe, sound and effective.

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