7.1 Micronutrients: you need just a little but they do great things
An introduction to vitamins and minerals

7.2 Vitamin A: the “eye vitamin”, and so much more
Most people know that vitamin A is good for your eyes. But vitamin A does a lot more than just taking care of your night vision...

7.3 Vitamin D: the sunshine vitamin
Vitamin D is an amazing molecule that never ends to surprise researchers. It is a hot topic in nutrition, it is still actively researched, and we keep finding out more and more fascinating things about this powerful molecule...

7.4 Vitamin E: the elixir of youth?
Hailed by many as the elixir of eternal youth, disparaged by other as a molecule of little use, vitamin E has a long fascinating history. In this video, we learn what it really does, how much of it we need, and where we can find it

7.5 Vitamin K: blood and bones
Why do we need vitamin K? Where do we find it in food?

7.6 Vitamin C: the wonder vitamin
The many wonders of vitamin C

7.7 Group B vitamins: the support team of metabolism
An introduction to the many functions of group B vitamins

7.8 Food sources and deficiency signs of the B vitamins
What are the symptoms of group B vitamins deficiency? Where do we find them in food?

7.9 Should we take multivitamin supplements?
Is taking a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement a good idea?

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